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Nestled into the Red Hills of Barber County you'll find over 20,000+ owned and leased acres of rolling hills and deep canyon country that create some of the finest wildlife habitat and cattle grazing in the mid-west. In 2021 the Molitor Family purchased a series of properties and combined them to create The Moon Ranch. As you walk across the landscape, a person will feel as if they are taking a step back into history where Bison once roamed and the Native Americans would pursue them. The focus of the ranch was to create an ecosystem where the native wildlife could thrive and at the same time, a profitable cattle operation could exist. With modern ranching practices and intensive wildlife management, The Moon Ranch will be an iconic modern ranch that will maintain the preservation of the area's rich history and deep roots.



Elk Hunting Kansas


 The pursuit of trophy elk at the Moon Ranch is more than an adventure; it's a chance to create lasting memories with friends and family, fill the freezer with delicious wild game, and contribute to the preservation of these iconic creatures and the natural habitat they once roamed.

Trophy Whitetail Buck Kansas


The Moon Ranch has earned its reputation as a haven for trophy white-tailed deer. The rolling hills and cedar canyons of Barber County create the perfect habitat for growing giant deer. The natural ecosystem matched with strict management makes the Moon Ranch Kansas premiere whitetail deer hunting destination.



Tucked away in the scenic Red Hills of Barber County, this sprawling hunting paradise spans over 20,000+ acres of rolling hills and expansive canyon landscapes. The Moon Ranch offers a unique and immersive quail hunting experience, providing enthusiasts with challenging terrain and breathtaking natural beauty.

Buffalo hunting Kansas


Embark on a truly unparalleled adventure where the spirit of the Wild West comes alive. Set against a backdrop of sweeping prairies and under the endless expanse of the Kansas sky, Moon Ranch offers a few hunters the chance to step back in time and harvest a trophy bison.

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