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The Deer

Embarking on a deer hunting expedition in Southwest Kansas's Moon Ranch is an experience steeped in tradition and excitement. The vast expanse of the ranch, with its rolling landscapes and abundant flora, sets the stage for an immersive and rewarding hunt. Moon Ranch's commitment to sustainable wildlife management is evident in their approach to deer hunting. Hunters can anticipate not only the thrill of the chase but also the opportunity to contribute to conservation efforts by participating in carefully regulated hunts that maintain the health and balance of the deer population. With a diverse range of deer species and well-maintained habitats, Moon Ranch provides a prime environment for both seasoned hunters and newcomers to engage in the time-honored pursuit of deer hunting while respecting the integrity of the natural ecosystem.


Food and Habitat

The deer population on Moon Ranch flourishes in a habitat meticulously designed to foster growth and vitality. The combination of well-preserved natural landscapes and strategically cultivated food plots creates an environment where deer can thrive. These food plots, often featuring nutrient-rich crops like clover and soybeans, provide a consistent and balanced diet rich in protein. This high-quality nutrition is the cornerstone of the deer's development, particularly in their antler growth. The ample protein intake from these food sources fuels the deer's physiological processes, enabling them to channel energy into producing impressive antlers. The careful management of these habitats and food plots ensures that deer not only survive but also thrive, resulting in remarkable antler size and quality. Moon Ranch's commitment to maintaining the delicate balance of their ecosystem while providing the necessary resources for deer growth underscores their dedication to responsible wildlife management and the preservation of the natural beauty of the region.

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