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The elk's habitat is a vital component of its thriving existence, and nowhere is this more evident than in the carefully curated alfalfa food plots that play a crucial role in sustaining these magnificent creatures. These food plots provide a diverse and nutrient-rich diet for elks, encompassing a variety of plant species that offer essential vitamins and minerals. Alfalfa, a leguminous forage, stands as a cornerstone of their diet due to its high protein content, contributing to the elks' overall health and vitality. The protein-rich diet derived from alfalfa allows elks to not only maintain their body condition but also supports antler growth and reproductive success. These meticulously managed food plots serve as a testament to the dedication towards preserving the delicate balance of the elk's habitat while ensuring their nutritional needs are met for generations to come.

Food Plots

Elk hunting in Southwest Kansas offers a unique and thrilling experience on the Moon Ranch. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, this ranch provides an exceptional opportunity for hunters to immerse themselves in the beauty of the region while pursuing majestic elk. The rugged terrain and expansive vistas add to the excitement and challenge of the hunt, creating an unforgettable adventure for enthusiasts. With careful wildlife management and conservation practices in place, Moon Ranch ensures sustainable hunting opportunities that respect the natural balance of the ecosystem. Hunters can expect not only an exhilarating pursuit but also a deep connection to nature and the satisfaction of participating in responsible hunting practices in this one-of-a-kind setting.



At Moon Ranch, one of our main focal points, is the health and quality of our animals that call this place home. We have a very in-depth nutrition program for our Deer, Elk, and Upland Game birds. The wildlife at Moon Ranch don’t go a day without getting proper nutrition, whether it be high protein pellets, specially formulated wildlife tubs, alfalfa bales, or supplemental water systems. Our main goal is to provide year-round nutrition so we can help maintain proper body condition on our bucks and does. In return we hope to see maximum fawn production and maximum antler development. Our upland game is supplemented by 300lb milo feeders strategically placed throughout the ranch. In conjunction with our supplemental programs, we spend a lot of time constructing native food sources such as wheat and milo plots.  We are also focusing on hunting and trapping coyotes, racoons and other natural predators that are a burden on our game populations.

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