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The Buffalo

Embarking on a buffalo hunting expedition in Southwest Kansas's Moon Ranch is a journey into the past, an homage to the rich history of the American West. The rugged landscapes of the ranch provide a backdrop reminiscent of the days when buffalo roamed the plains. Moon Ranch offers a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of the hunt while participating in a carefully regulated and conservation-minded approach. The pursuit of buffalo on the ranch is a tribute to responsible wildlife management, preserving the spirit of adventure while respecting the ecological balance of the region. As hunters engage in this time-honored tradition, they not only pay homage to the past but also contribute to the ranch's commitment to the sustainable use of resources and the conservation of these iconic creatures for generations to come.


Food and Habitat

The buffalo on Moon Ranch thrive within a natural habitat that echoes the vast and open landscapes of their historic range. The ranch's careful preservation of the native environment, including expansive grasslands and diverse plant life, creates a haven where buffalo can express their natural behaviors and flourish. The ample space allows these iconic creatures to graze, roam, and interact within a setting that mirrors their historical habitat. This balance not only supports the buffalo's physical well-being but also contributes to their mental and social health. By mimicking the conditions that buffalo have evolved alongside for centuries, Moon Ranch ensures that these majestic animals not only survive but also thrive in an environment that respects their intrinsic connection to the land and fosters the continuation of a vital species for future generations.

Buffalo Hunts

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Buffalo Hunting kansas
Buffalo Hunting kansas

Trophy Bull

Buffalo Cow


Lodging and Meals Included


Lodging and meals included 

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